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April Anti-Bacterial Scrub Top

April Anti-Bacterial Scrub Top

R 429.00


The April Scrub Top... Our stylish Sally Scrub Top but with 95% anti-bacterial qualities. A must have for anybody in the Medical profession. Designed for ladies, both from a form and functional perspective. Lightweight and comfortable to wear 12 hours or longer for you hard working people at a time.
  • Made from Silverguard powered by X-Static. Infection prevention silver antimicrobial textiles.
  • Clinically-proven  Broad-spectrum antimicrobiaL

  • Fast acting - up to 4-log reduction within four hours

  • Long lasting - continuous performance for the life of the product

  • Safe - Not a chemical treatment, not nanotechnology, no bacterial resistance issues, non-toxic

  • Machine Washable. Drip dry and no need to iron.
  • Pen pocket on both sleeves