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Mustang Lite Scrub Shirt

Mustang Lite Scrub Shirt

R 254.00


This is the little brother of the Mustang Scrub Shirt, with a softer and lighter feel. The Mustang Lite is constructed of lighter material but still with a look that's polished... and refined. No need to question attitude and street-cred either.

Fit doesn't get in the way of functionality and we've included a front pocket that hugs your phone like a muscle car hugs the road. Two side pockets gives ample storage space while on the run. Its intelligent features are designed to assist and enhance you.

Available in colours that are subtly different to the norm, but make big statements. The Mustang Lite is also perfect for customisation. Show your individuality by adding your name and logo.

  • Made from a durable Polyester/Viscose Blend (School Tex)
  • Machine Washable
  • Two Front Pockets and a top pocket big enough for your smart phone.